PvonK is a creative label settled in Berlin. PvonK built a network of artists since 2010 and organise showings every two months, in collaboration with TilGold.
TilGold is a student in animation in Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Potsdam-Babelsberg (HFF). His first short feature NICE GAME was broadcasted in several festivals such as International Animation Festival in Hiroshima, Interfilm Berlin (“Audience Price Award) or Berlin Next in Paris (“Berlin Cuts” section).
TilGold and PvonK have been working together since 2010 and interact in their personal projects (painting, films, photo, animation...), as well as for co-signed artworks, mainly concepts combining the creation of videos, music& sound design.

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If you love me, I love you
If you hate me, I forgive you...
This quest of the other one is bound to searching a balance which goes through counterbalancing situations, compromises.

But this quest of the other one is not limited to the climax found and founded in a relation ship. It is as well the fights, the grazes, the hang ups...and the efforts to reach the climax. It is not only the strength of a stone, but also the danger to come up against it.

We didn't erase the sketches, the missed points, and the result of an harmony comes from this confrontation between two complementary bodies. Two bodies lead by attraction, by an irresistible physical power, into an interaction which starts way before the tangible contacts. As a revelation through aura, fitting molecules, intimate connections.

An intimist dance in which two beeings merge into a universe where perfection and imperfection mix into an expression of beauty, as flexibility and fierceness to fit to each other mix into an experiment of love.

This proximity is supported by a 3D process (born during both of the artists' childhood) which gives consistence to the two subjects as well as it provoques a dive into subjectivity. Thanks to the illusion of an interiority one can poll right and left, the 3D effect support as well the ambition of these images to let more to see about an either tensed or tender relationship.

Si tu m'aimes, je t'aime,
Si tu me hais, je te pardonne...
Cette quête de l'autre, c'est la recherche d'un équilibre qui passe par des contre-balancements, des compromis.

Mais cette quête de l'autre, ce n'est pas seulement ces points d'orgue sur lesquels les rapports reposent... et se reposent. C'est aussi la lutte, les écorchures, les blocages...et les efforts pour y parvenir. Ce n'est pas seulement la solidité d'une pierre, c'est le danger de s'y achopper.

On ne gomme pas les esquisses, les ratés, et l'harmonie atteinte provient de cette confrontation de deux corps en phase. Deux corps guidés par l'attraction, une force physique irrésistible, qui entrent en contact avant même de se toucher, comme une révélation qui passe par l'aura, les molécules complémentaires, les atomes crochus.

Une danse intimiste qui fait converger deux êtres dans un univers où se côtoient la perfection et l'imperfection, toutes deux contenues dans la beauté, tout comme les exercices de souplesse et l'acharnement à se correspondre sont contenues dans l'amour.

Cette proximité est soutenue par la 3D, avatar technique qui permet de donner de la consistance aux sujets qui se touchent, et d'opérer un plongeon dans la subjectivité. Par l'illusion d'un intérieur que l'on peut sonder en profondeur, la technique de la 3D permet aussi de soutenir l'ambition des images proposées dans cette oeuvre de donner à voir plus loin dans les rapports à la fois de tendresse et de tension entre deux corps.






















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